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Guardianship service for international children in UK schools

Guardianship service for international children in UK schools

Good boarding schools and colleges in the UK ask for international students of any age to have a guardian.  A guardian represents a student’s parents and cares for their child independently of the school.  The guardian does what the parents would do if they lived in the UK, for example helps with travel arrangements, makes sure that the child is happy, goes to school events and meetings and liaises with school staff.

See World care for your child as if they were our own.  We are bilingual Chinese and English so we can communicate easily with parents, child and school.  We can understand, help and translate any concerns with all sides. We are always available 24/7 to support children, parents and schools, acting professionally and with care.

We offer either our own safe and happy home or a host family for school holidays and any time your child has to leave school, just like a caring parent.  We and our host families are fully police checked.

Emergency Procedure SEPTEMBER 2021.Pdf
Complaints Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.Pdf
Homestay Handbook .Pdf
Low Level Concern Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.Pdf
Whistleblowing Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.Pdf
Student Handbook.pdf
Parent Handbook SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
School Statement of Service.pdf
Welfare Health and Safety Statement SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
Student Behaviour Code of Conduct SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy SEPTEMBER 2021
Signed Missing Student Procedure SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
Safer recruitment policy .pdf
Anti-Radicalisation Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
 Data Protection Policy - SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
 Anti-Bullying (including Cyber Bullying) Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
 Online Safety Policy SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
 Staff and Homestay Code of Conduct SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf
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